Nolensville Campus Teachers & Staff

The staff at Rolling Hills Learning Center is made up of Christian teachers trained in early childhood education. They’re diversified in age, experience, and interests while providing a rich collection of talent, care, and expertise to our program. Our teachers love what they do!

Sarah Krell
Mary Chhith
1's Teacher
Leah Watkins
1's Teacher
Meghan Little
1's Teacher
Carrie Hall
2's Teacher
Paula Singleton
2's Teacher
Gracyn Kestner
3's Teacher
Heather Noble
3's Teacher
Lisa Luis
3's Teacher
Courtney Erdman
Pre-K Teacher
Dawn Garcia
Pre-K Teacher
Cari Huckins
Pre-K Teacher
Miranda Burns
Curriculum Development
Andrea Steele
Art Teacher
Jaclyn Hale
Art/Music Teacher
Sarai Genua
Kirsten Briggs
Becky Kelly
Chapel Teacher


Our friendly teachers and staff are here to love and teach your child(ren).


Our teachers and staff meet all Tennessee state requirements.


Our teachers and staff bring years of childcare experience.